Our Mission:

Junior STEM is an organization that aims to encourage and facilitate student involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiatives to promote and increase the retention of underrepresented and underserved minorities in STEM careers. Many of our initiatives are bidirectional in order to impact students on-campus as well as students in local K-12 schools. We hope to enrich academic experience for Georgia Tech students through demo development and volunteering. We would also like to foster a stronger sense of community among students and delve into the vast range of career possibilities through seminars and panels. Through local outreach to K-12 students, we seek to garner greater interest in the STEM field through promotion and establishment of Science Olympiad teams (and other STEM-focused organizations) as well as hosting presentations and demonstrations to enhance scientific learning among students where the general interest in science has fallen significantly. Through facilitating professional development, community outreach, networking among peers, peer mentorship, we hope to help to impact the diversity and growth in the biology world. 

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Junior STEM